How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Security

Securing your motorcycle is essential to protect it from theft, especially in areas with high crime rates. With a variety of security products available, understanding their differences and how to use them effectively can make a significant difference. Here’s a detailed guide to help you choose the best motorcycle security.

1. Understanding the Threat Landscape

Motorcycle theft is a prevalent issue, particularly in urban areas. Thieves are often equipped with tools to bypass simple security measures. While a steering lock might seem convenient, it offers minimal protection against determined criminals. Therefore, investing in multiple layers of security is crucial.

2. Types of Security Devices


  • Heavy-Duty Chains: These are ideal for securing your motorcycle to an immovable object like a lamp post or ground anchor. Look for chains made from hardened steel, which are resistant to cutting and sawing.
  • Portable Chains: While they might not be as robust as their heavier counterparts, portable chains are easier to carry and still provide a good level of security.

Disc Locks

  • Standard Disc Locks: These lock onto the brake disc, preventing the wheel from moving. They are compact and easy to carry, making them a good option for short stops.
  • Alarmed Disc Locks: These add an extra layer of security by emitting a loud alarm if tampered with. The noise can deter thieves and alert nearby individuals.


  • Robust D-Locks: Similar to those used for bicycles but built to withstand more force, these locks are excellent for securing both the wheel and frame to a fixed object. Their design makes them resistant to leverage attacks.


  • Standalone Alarms: These can be installed on your motorcycle and will trigger if the bike is moved or tampered with. While they don’t prevent theft on their own, they serve as a deterrent by drawing attention.
  • Integrated Alarms: Some locks come with built-in alarms, combining physical security with an auditory deterrent.

3. Criteria for Choosing Security Products

When selecting motorcycle security products, consider the following factors:

Sold Secure Ratings

  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ratings: These ratings indicate the level of security provided by a product, with Gold being the highest. Always look for products with a Sold Secure rating for reliable protection.

Material Strength

  • Hardened Steel: Opt for locks and chains made from hardened steel. This material is resistant to common attack methods like cutting, sawing, and freezing.

Lock Mechanisms

  • Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill: High-quality locks feature mechanisms that resist picking and drilling. Look for locks with double-locking mechanisms for added security.


  • Ease of Use: While heavy-duty locks provide excellent security, they need to be practical for daily use. Choose a balance between security and portability to ensure you’ll use the lock consistently.

4. Practical Security Tips

Layered Security

  • Multiple Locks: Using a combination of locks (e.g., a chain and a disc lock) increases the time and effort required for a thief to steal your bike. Layered security creates a strong deterrent.

Secure at Home and on the Go

  • Garage Security: If you park your motorcycle in a garage, ensure it is also secured with locks. Thieves can target garages for easy pickings.
  • Public Parking: In public areas, always secure your motorcycle to a fixed object. Avoid isolated spots and choose well-lit, busy areas to park.


Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59: A heavy-duty chain with excellent resistance to cutting and sawing.

Oxford Monster XL: Known for its portability and strong security features, making it a great all-rounder.

Disc Locks

Xena XX14: This alarmed disc lock offers both physical security and an auditory deterrent, making it highly effective.

Oxford Boss Alarm: A robust disc lock with an integrated alarm, providing dual-layer security.


Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit: Renowned for its strength and durability, this D-lock is tough to beat.

Abus Granit X-Plus 540: Offers excellent security with a double-locking mechanism and hardened steel construction.

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