2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801

The 2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 marks a significant step forward for the Swedish brand, blending distinctive design, modern technology, and robust performance. Below, we delve into various aspects of this exciting new motorcycle to give you a comprehensive overview.

Engine and Performance

The Svartpilen 801 is powered by a 799cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, capable of producing 104 horsepower and 64 ft-lb of torque. This engine, shared with KTM’s 790 Duke, features a 75-degree crank, which mimics the sound and feel of a V-twin while reducing vibrations thanks to twin balance shafts. The result is a smooth and responsive throttle that offers exhilarating yet controllable power delivery. Riders can expect the bike to perform admirably in various conditions, from city streets to winding country roads.

Handling and Ride Quality

Designed to be more forgiving than the KTM 790 Duke, the Svartpilen 801 has a slightly relaxed rake angle, contributing to its stable handling. The bike is equipped with Pirelli MT 60 RS tires that provide excellent grip and confidence, especially on varied terrains. The suspension setup includes WP APEX units: a 43mm inverted fork adjustable for compression and rebound, and a rear shock that handles preload and rebound damping. This setup ensures a comfortable ride across different road conditions, making the Svartpilen 801 versatile for both daily commuting and spirited rides.

Design and Features

Husqvarna’s Svartpilen series is known for its minimalist, scrambler-inspired aesthetics, and the 801 is no exception. The bike features satin black bodywork contrasted by a gloss black frame, giving it a sleek, modern look. The build quality is exceptional, with meticulous attention to detail. The Svartpilen 801 also comes with a five-inch TFT display that integrates seamlessly with the bike’s electronic systems, including lean-sensitive traction control, ABS, a slip and assist clutch, and an up/down quickshifter.

The Dynamic Pack, available for an additional cost, offers enhanced customization with ten levels of traction control, five levels of wheelie control, and adjustable engine braking. This pack allows riders to tailor the bike’s performance to their preferences, making it suitable for both novice and experienced riders.

Practicality and Value

The Svartpilen 801 boasts a fuel economy of approximately 63 mpg, supported by a 14-liter fuel tank that offers a substantial range for long rides. Priced at around £10,899, it positions itself in the premium segment of middleweight naked bikes. Despite being more expensive than some competitors like the Yamaha XSR700 and Ducati Scrambler Icon, the Svartpilen 801 justifies its price with superior build quality, advanced features, and a unique style.


  • Engine: 799cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin
  • Power: 104 hp
  • Torque: 64 ft-lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 14 liters
  • Seat Height: 820 mm
  • Weight: 181 kg (wet)
  • Front Suspension: 43mm WP APEX USD forks, adjustable
  • Rear Suspension: WP APEX shock, adjustable
  • Brakes: J.Juan calipers with Bosch ABS
  • Tires: Pirelli MT 60 RS (120/70 x 17 front, 180/55 x 17 rear)
  • Top Speed: 130 mph【5†source】【8†source】.

The 2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 stands out in the crowded middleweight naked bike segment with its unique design, robust performance, and advanced technology. Whether you are a new rider looking for a manageable yet thrilling bike, or an experienced motorcyclist seeking a versatile and stylish machine, the Svartpilen 801 is worth considering.

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